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Kristin Lora

"I am very sensitive to shapes, textures, and finishes, and view everything I see in terms of references for my work. I collect objects, new and used, and keep them in my studio for inspiration, and they often sit on my shelves until an idea just comes to me one day.  I like movement and enjoy creating mechanisms that allow for it.  Humor is important in my work and my live, a very direct humor that is slightly bemused.  What I like best is creating something that has never existed before.

My jewelry is known for its clean, uncomplicated and contemporary lines.  Bold lines and an up-front whimsy prevail.  Tiny toys and three-dimensional sculptural jewelry are my favorite avenues of creation.  I love the intimate scale that this work provides both as the maker and as a viewer, and I love watching the reaction of discovery when others notive the tiny and unexpected details within my work.

I work primarily in precious metals and combine them mostly with found objects.  I utilize a variety of traditional metalsmithing and silversmithing techniques, including fabrication, soldering, riveting, raising, dapping, forging, and stone setting.  All of my jewelry is fabricated by hand.  I prefer to do one-of-a-kind pieces; if I choose to duplicate a design, there are always subtle differences in the subsequent work.

My artistic journey began as a small child and throughout my growing up as I experimented with beading, ceramics, sewing and textiles, glass, painting, sculpture, music, and more.  I have always had my art as a foundation to create, an outlet to ground my otherwise busy life.

Frog Earrings in Circles

Hand-Crafted Sterling Silver Earrings
With PlasticToy Animals

Price: $130.00

Rhino in Circles Earrings

Hand-Crafted Sterling Silver Earrings
With Plastic Toy Animals

Price: $130.00
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