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Scott Bisson

Scott Bisson begn his journey in glass at the age of seventeen in a high school chemistry class. Bending glass tubing over a flame piqued his interest, and, unknowingly, a lifetime obsession and career began.

After several years as a hobbyist, Scott worked under the guidance and tutelage of several master glass artists. For the next four years he worked as a flame worker and furnace worker. In 1994 he took a class at the Pilchuck School, and this was a turning point. According to Scott, "Pilchuck opened my eyes and imagination to what was truly possible, and I have never recovered." In 2004, he lived and studied in Murano, Italy under the direction of Cesare Toffolo.

Scott has now been blowing glass for more than twenty years. He specializes in borosilicate (a pyrex glass) flame-work and translates his love of nature into his remarkable repertoire of glass critters.

Scott has a very high intensity method of producing art. If he isn't sweating and racing around the studio like a madman, he just isn't doing his best. He believes that energy and excitement create the best. work. "I put a little bit of myself into everywork of art that I create. That is how I breathe life into each piece. Skill is the raw material of a great piece, and drive and energy make it take shape."

Horned Toad

Torch-worked Glass Sculpture

Price: $250.00

Puffer Fish

Torch-worked Glass Sculpture

Price: $105.00


Torch-worked Glass Sculpture

Price: $195.00
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