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Since 1998, Chickenscratch jewelry has been created by the husband and wife team of Lisa and Scott Cylinder. Both are schooled jewelry artists, who met as students. In an effort to create unconventional, yet well-executed jewelry, they decided to try to change the world, one piece at a time.
Their jewelry is made mostly from brass sheet and wire that is hand cut and manipulated. The pieces are finished using numerous methods which create a variety of colors, including a unique patination process, various colored leafs, bright enamel paints, luminous mica powders, and silver and gold plating.
Chickenscratch cleverly blends color, concepts, and movable elements resulting in highly amusing, yet immensely wearable jewelry.

Garden Hose Pin

Hand-cut Metal and Mixed Media Pin

Price: $120.00

Hang In There Earrings

Hand-cut Metal Earrings with Posts

Price: $125.00

Mobile Home Earrings

Hand-cut Metal Earrings

Price: $95.00

Pointer Pin/Pencil Sharpener

Mixed Media, Hand-cut Metal Pin

Price: $160.00

Rooster Whistle Necklace

Mixed Media Necklace

Price: $160.00
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